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That was pretty cool.

Action packed like the first one. Not much else to say on my part. -KN


The little creature looks so funny. The way it ate and chopped things made me laugh. Sound effect and such are hilarious. The hand randomly doesn't bleed. When I heard the guy in pain, I laughed so hard.

Animation was nice and silly at the same time.
You make great sound effects.
Moral to the story?? If there was one, it would be "Something impossible would be funny". -KN


I lost interest of Pokemon, because it was slow and repetitive. However, this movie was made very well. I think Pokemon should be more like this, not the old "think about what happened for half of the battle" dialogues.

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Great Job.

The idea of having a Newgrounds radio has been around for a while, but none was ever as organized as this one. Now we need someone to actually make the Newgrounds chat.

Archawn responds:

The chat is never going to happen. :P

I like it.

I find this game to be fun. I like its vast world for free run, your sense of humor, and the little storyline.

The "boss" was actually very easy to defeat, once I figured out how to kill it.

Cool game.

I really had to use my brain and reflexes on this. It was intense... So intense, I got an F for my first try.

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Very eerie.

Well, I decided to check out some activity from my fans. I was interested to hear something from one of my bigger fans. I find this work to give an ominous feeling, much like Saya no Uta. -KN


I love that gated sweep synth in the beginning. Bass matched the mood pretty well. Nice effects. Arps have a nice melody. Drums are kinda like a house beat. I would put this under the house category. It's like a deep tech house. -KN

Ehh... It's okay

It kinda reminds me of some old video games. Everything was pretty simple. -KN

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Simple and cute.

Yes. Thank you, Newgrounds.

The world is like the moon. There are times that you see its beauty. There are times that you see its darkness. There are even times when it is shrouded by the clouds. Reach for the stars. Then you will always see its beauty. -My father

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